Friday, December 21, 2012

life update

Wow! A month has come and gone, and our family has lived a lot of life in the meantime!

We've lived in Canton, just over a month now and we've been so busy unpacking, setting up the house, taking care of the kids, adjusting to a new area, getting into a new job/routine, preparing for Christmas + Norah's 1st birthday (wow!), and just trying to have a normal day-to-day family life. \

I've been working on so many craft projects + new recipes too, that I realize how crazy I am to attempt all this with everything else we have going on. But it IS Christmas- I just can't help it! ;) Plus, sewing/crafting helps me feel like not everything in my life has changed! Its nice to revert to something I know, to get lost in fabric and the hum of my machine!

I've been longing to get back to blogging in the past couple weeks. But I just can't bear taking the time away from crafting and from my family and all the other things that really are more important! Then I got a comment this week from a sweet mom who said she missed my posts coming on of her blog stats. Ahhh! So sweet! I felt so loved, like my little blog really is appreciated out there! So I knew then I needed to find some time to get back on here! It was the push I needed! Thanks Jules! :)

So here's a quick life update...