Monday, April 8, 2013

my favorite accessory

This is my favorite accessory. Period.

My fabric knot necklace.

I wear it at least once a week- usually two or three times.

It goes with so many tops and colors.

I always get complimented when I wear it.

It adds a pop of color to any t-shirt, cardigan, tank or sweater I wear it with.

I wear it in all seasons.

It's lightweight.

It's simple, yet makes a statement.

It's a quick and easy accessory choice- when I'm running late and don't have to time to fool with a scarf, I throw an outfit together that goes with this and it wastes no time!

It's the best piece of accessory to have with babies & small children- on days I won't wear a scarf because I know it'll get in the way with the kids crawling all over me, I'll wear this.

It's durable- I wore it to Norah's baby dedication for the specific purpose of keeping her entertained while we stood up front! This necklace has been pulled on, stepped on, chewed on, etc and is as good as new!

Did I mention, I get complimented every time I wear it? 

And I want to share it with you!

This fabric knot necklace is made out of a turquoise & floral cotton fabric

It's available in my shop right now!

Purchase for yourself or gift someone else with it!

Use coupon code SPRING10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order!

{50% all sales are donated to Women At Risk International to fight Human Trafficking around the world!}

Thursday, April 4, 2013

a mama's easter outfit

Since I've had kids, I feel like I'm now past the stage where I get a new Easter outfit every year. Maybe that's not the case for you, but I just get so into planning for the kids outfits that I don't even think about mine until the week of. And honestly, there's just not usually a whole lot of extra money for me to spending on a brand new outfit for myself every year. Plus, when would I even have time to shop!?

But I still do want to wear something cute and new, and bright and colorful on a Easter Sunday.
So that moment the week of Easter that it hits me that I need something to wear too, I start racking my brain for ideas of:  things I could make + things I already own + things I could buy cheaply.

And when I put all three of those things together, it usually comes out a newly assembled outfit for me that's a mixture of freshly handmade, purchased at the store and scrounged up from my closet!

Easter 2010- I wore the same outfit from the previous Easter (the last Easter outfit I bought brand new and at full price :) )
Nothing homemade that year, because I was just starting to sew.

Easter 2011- Made Titus' outfit (vest, pants & bowtie) and decided at the eleventh hour (literally!) to make myself a skirt.
My outfit- homemade simple skirt, already owned top, and previously handmade pom pom necklace hanging in my closet.

Easter 2012- Made the kids outfits (Again, made Titus a vest, pants & tie). It was my first Easter with a GIRL! So I made Norah a pillowcase dress, diaper cover, headband and booties. Then I decided (early enough!) to make myself an outfit to match the kids!
My outfit- homemade pillowcase top, already owned skirt, and purchased a light sweater

This year I didn't bother so much with us all matching each other, but we coordinated well enough. {Read about the kids' outfits here}
As in usual fashion, I didn't plan anything for myself. I probably would've just pulled some "old thing" from the closet and not felt springy or fresh and new all day :/

So one naptime during the week of, I got an idea in my brain, and spent the next hour putting ideas together in my brain, and running to my craft room then to my closet and back to my craft room. I stared at all my fabric for minutes on end, and waited for a huge inspiration. I put fabrics together and matched them up with clothing, and finally formulated an outfit that I wasn't even brave enough to wear at first. But after trying it on for my husband, having a few days to mull it over in my head, and my husband encouraging me to wear it.... I DID! :)

Here's what I came up with: {sorry its not a full body shot- its the only picture of just me from the day!}

I purchased this Target brand dress a couple weeks ago from a local grocery store that also sells closeout deals. Wanna guess how much I paid for it? ..... $2.99

At the same store, I found some red ballet flats (also Target!) for .... $1.99

I paired the dress with the same cream colored sweater I purchase for my Easter outfit last year

I added a brown belt that I bought last fall.

Added some red dangles made by a friend

And the final accessory I needed to add was a scarf... but I was being pretty particular about the style, color, etc it needed to be... I wanted a lightweight, navy scarf...

I searched my fabrics and mulled over lots of options to make one... I had decided I was probably going to have to go to Joann's to find something...
But before I did, I remembered my Goodwill box that's just been sitting around. I wondered if I had anything in there that I could re-purpose (this thought was kind of separated from my scarf dilemma). I pulled out all kinds of clothes I had thrown out that I now thought I could re-fashion into something for Norah... As I walked away from my new pile of ex-Goodwill clothes, I noticed something Navy-colored sticking out... I pulled out a skirt that I'd bought like 12 years ago. It was a good quality, brand name skirt, but the elastic was all stretched out. It really was a shame to throw this out just because of some worn out elastic. It was still good fabric- light weight with great movement. And it was the perfect color, Navy with tiny red and yellow flowers that went perfectly with the other colors in my outfit...

So I cut the elastic + 4 inches off the skirt.... And came away with an infinity scarf!

Would you ever guess that was once a skirt? :)

I love that I can breathe new life into a n old piece of clothing that I've loved a long time!

So there you have it!
A mama's Easter outfit that cost a total of $4.98 and included a re-purposed skirt-turned-scarf!

had to throw in a pic of the shoes!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

easter outfits

I hope all had an amazing Easter!
So I had to take a break from my blog break to share with you our Easter outfits!

I enjoyed making their outfits, as I usually do! It has just become the one time a year that I make them both an entire nice outfit, so I get really into designing for a month beforehand what I'm going to make, in what fabrics, and what color palette, etc.

I had lot of ideas floating around my head, but I decided this year to use fabric that I already had, since I have so much, to keep me from spending money! I'm happy to say that I didn't spend any money on their outfits, because every part was from fabrics and accessories that we already had! :) This year we didn't all match, but we coordinated quite nicely!

Titus LOVES to wear Ties like Daddy!
He wore an Argyle Tie from  Little Londyn Patterns!
I made him two and let him choose which to wear on Easter. :)

Norah wore this beautiful dress from Little Lizard King patterns, with an added waistband and elastic inserted, in Amy Butler Lotus Morning Glory fabrics.

 I also made Norah this felt flower headband! It made the outfit look complete!

 And we all (except Daddy! hee hee) wore our red shoes! :) So fun!

We took our annual family picture, and I realized how this is the first year we had to do it in a different spot! Here's to new beginnings!

It was fun to look back over the past 4 years of family pictures since we've had kids, and watch our family grow! Here is a collage of our family Easter Pictures:

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter celebrating our Hope and Victory because of Jesus Christ!