Friday, December 21, 2012

life update

Wow! A month has come and gone, and our family has lived a lot of life in the meantime!

We've lived in Canton, just over a month now and we've been so busy unpacking, setting up the house, taking care of the kids, adjusting to a new area, getting into a new job/routine, preparing for Christmas + Norah's 1st birthday (wow!), and just trying to have a normal day-to-day family life. \

I've been working on so many craft projects + new recipes too, that I realize how crazy I am to attempt all this with everything else we have going on. But it IS Christmas- I just can't help it! ;) Plus, sewing/crafting helps me feel like not everything in my life has changed! Its nice to revert to something I know, to get lost in fabric and the hum of my machine!

I've been longing to get back to blogging in the past couple weeks. But I just can't bear taking the time away from crafting and from my family and all the other things that really are more important! Then I got a comment this week from a sweet mom who said she missed my posts coming on of her blog stats. Ahhh! So sweet! I felt so loved, like my little blog really is appreciated out there! So I knew then I needed to find some time to get back on here! It was the push I needed! Thanks Jules! :)

So here's a quick life update...

New house with lots of room for kids to run around and for loved ones to visit! Looking forward to my kids growing up here!

Master bedroom redo!
All the furniture (minus the bed), lamps and decor is from Ikea.
Still need decor, and just the right curtains! :)
(Sorry, my photos aren't the greatest)

Christmas jammies for 3 sweet cousins + slippers! Can't wait for a picture with them wearing them! (Wish we could see Baby Brecken in his, so we get a pic all together!)

And I've decided these Dragon Slippers for Titus are the most adorable things I've ever made! :) And he wears them ALL the time- even to sleep! I think I'm even going to let him wear them at church on Sunday, because they're going to be talking about Dinosaurs (creation!) in their lesson! :)

I made this table runner for Christmas, but I'm tempted to leave it up all year!

Christmas cookies with the little man! :) I didn't realize til the last minute that I didn't have any christmas sprinkles... so we just went a different route! Ever seen neon snowmen, trees and angels? :)

I've been crocheting some infinity scarves! ;) Love my little model!

Norah's walking EVERYWHERE! :) Such a cutie!

can I have some of your snack?

 We're enjoying this weekend with our first visitors- my parents! So my kids are having a blast! Plus it's snowing and we have Christmas presents to open! And I'm hoping to get some time to work on some sewing projects and go on a date with my hubby since we have babysitters! :)

Well this is getting long... but hopefully you've enjoyed a little glimpse into our life right now!
We're so thankful for God's goodness and blessing in our new life!

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  1. Loved It :) It's good to see you settling in a little bit. Moving is always crazy but life will always have a few good things that follow you like kid smiles and crafting :D


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