Tuesday, April 2, 2013

easter outfits

I hope all had an amazing Easter!
So I had to take a break from my blog break to share with you our Easter outfits!

I enjoyed making their outfits, as I usually do! It has just become the one time a year that I make them both an entire nice outfit, so I get really into designing for a month beforehand what I'm going to make, in what fabrics, and what color palette, etc.

I had lot of ideas floating around my head, but I decided this year to use fabric that I already had, since I have so much, to keep me from spending money! I'm happy to say that I didn't spend any money on their outfits, because every part was from fabrics and accessories that we already had! :) This year we didn't all match, but we coordinated quite nicely!

Titus LOVES to wear Ties like Daddy!
He wore an Argyle Tie from  Little Londyn Patterns!
I made him two and let him choose which to wear on Easter. :)

Norah wore this beautiful dress from Little Lizard King patterns, with an added waistband and elastic inserted, in Amy Butler Lotus Morning Glory fabrics.

 I also made Norah this felt flower headband! It made the outfit look complete!

 And we all (except Daddy! hee hee) wore our red shoes! :) So fun!

We took our annual family picture, and I realized how this is the first year we had to do it in a different spot! Here's to new beginnings!

It was fun to look back over the past 4 years of family pictures since we've had kids, and watch our family grow! Here is a collage of our family Easter Pictures:

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter celebrating our Hope and Victory because of Jesus Christ!

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