Sunday, November 4, 2012

Titus Remington is 3!

It's hard to believe that today my baby boy is 3! He has grown from that precious bundle of handsome-ness that made me a mother, to the constantly energetic, curious, talkative, sweet, tender-hearted boy that he has become! I can't even believe how this little boy has completely captured my heart! I grow more in love with him everyday! I melt at his every smile and sweet word! I'm sure all you mothers understand that feeling! :) And I'm also so thankful for his tender heart towards others and towards spiritual things! I constantly pray for his salvation and I know he's still young, but he has such a child-like faith that I pray that maybe this could be the year he gives his heart to Christ!

Happy Birthday, Titus Remington! I love you!

We celebrated Titus' birthday this weekend with lots of family and friends at his Curious George party! A picture heavy post will be coming tomorrow of the festivities!! :)

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