Monday, November 5, 2012

let's go bananas party

It was a blessing to have so many loved ones share in our birthday festivities over the weekend for Titus' 3rd birthday, especially in light of our move next week!

As I looked at everyone having a good time at the party, the kids playing, the adults talking... I got kind of sentimental! I'm just overwhelmed by God's blessing on our lives the past 5 1/2 years that we've lived here in Fremont, and so thankful for all the relationships we've made! In light of celebrating Titus' birthday, it was so special to me as a mom to see all the people in my little guy's life who came out to show their love and support for him! He had such a blast!

Because this will be his last birthday here, we invited all his little friends and their parents, plus our family and a few special people. There were a LOT of people, especially kids! 13 kids total (Twelve of them ages 4 and under!) So there was lots of noise- aided by all the sugar, of course! But so much fun!

This was the first year Titus could get really excited about his birthday, and helped out a lot with the party! Although it's definitely not the best looking cake I've ever made, it's special because Titus picked what kind he wanted, helped me bake it and decorate it! It was fun to do it together!

I found this party theme from Hostess with the Mostess! Titus loves Curious George, but I loved it because it is based off the Classic Curious George books, so the theme is mostly based on the red, yellow and light blue colors found in the books, rather than being so character-theme focused! I kept it focused on the colors, patterns and bananas! We already owned the books and a lot of the decor so it wasn't an expensive party to put on!

Here's some pictures of the party!

Norah getting ready for the party!

Birthday Boy is all ready to par-tay!

the "mom with the yellow hat"- I had to wear something yellow on my head! :)

 Happy Birthday, Titus Remington! We love you BUNCHES!

Paper Products- Walmart, Hobby Lobby

Menu- Banana Splits, Confetti Cake and Vanilla Frosting with Sprinkles (Titus' pick!), topped with a plastic banana and a 3 candle, and Candy (twizzlers, butterscotch candies, and cherry sours), Lemonade and Water

Decor- Red polka dot and Yellow gingham fabric (hobby lobby), bananas, books (titus' bookshelf), stuffed monkeys (titus' toy box), straws (Glass Act Supply- Etsy), Chalkboard (made by Uncle Brantz), Graphics (made by Daddy), Balloons from Hobby Lobby, Banner and Fabric Tie Garland (made by Mommy with Titus' help!)

Party hats from Target (They were specifically requested by the birthday boy!)


  1. Very cute! You did a great job! I love the straws and ribbons on the cups, and the guest book idea is very clever. Happy Birthday, Titus!

  2. I love the idea! the polka dots everywhere were adorable :) Great Job Hunny - On the party and the adorable birthday boy! He seems like a true lil helper :D

  3. Yesterday, I was reading about Bananas party over the internet, and I decided to follow the details for arranging a low-budget birthday party at home, and spend a quality time with my kids and wife, because I have to stay away from them for several days because of my job obligations.


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