Tuesday, September 18, 2012

introducing: oak street studio

The name for my new shop came awhile after my blog name. My clever husband was a huge help!
It's pretty simple, but with huge meaning for me!

Oak Street is where we've lived these first 5+ years of marriage-
and the only place we've lived so far!

In this house,
on this street,
we've lived as newlyweds,
we've welcomed two babies,
we've created so many memories,
we've shed many tears and had much laughter.
It's where I've learned to be a wife,
where I first became a mom.
It's where I've developed as a homemaker,
and where I began my adult years!
It's also where I began to sew,
where I started my first online business with a friend,
and where I've created MANY MANY homemade goodies for our family and home!

So to honor the place I've lived,
the life we've had,
and the person I've become since living here,
I've named my new shop Oak Street Studio!

The "doors" to the shop are officially open!
Enjoy 15% off your order with this coupon code: WELCOME15
{Discount good through Saturday, Sept. 22, 11:59pm EST}

I plan to offer a lot of the products many of you already know and love from The Blue Ladybug. I have the very popular wristlet clutches and scarves, as well as other fabric accessories currently listed. Hopefully a lot more will be added soon! I have big dreams! ;)

I have an exciting NEW product that I had planned to introduce today, but it's not quite ready yet! I'm SO SO SO excited about it, and I hope to have it ready later this week! Because of that, I'll probably have to extend the coupon code a little longer! I'll letcha know! ;)

The new Facebook page has been just been created, so head over and "Like" the page if you'd like to keep updated with the goings on over at the shop or here on the blog.

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  1. I like the name, and the meaning behind it. And your new blog is very pretty Mary Beth!


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