Thursday, September 20, 2012

mama's time away

As a mama, getting some extended time away from my home, kids, responsibilities, etc, has been so important to me!

I need that time alone to enjoy some quiet, actually be able to think, and spend some time being refreshed spiritually. These things are more important even than being able to get things done around the hours, run errands, or doing my hobbies during my alone time! I find that sometimes these times happen by "accident" (meaning, unplanned!), and other times, you have to plan them and make them happy!

This past week, there was a day that I ended up, not on purpose, getting to spend a good deal of the day alone and was extremely blessed and refreshed. I went to a meeting in the morning with some MOPS leaders and was encouraged through their words and prayers for me regarding my discouragement over Norah's sleep "issues." Then I had to make a hurried trip to Muskegon to get groceries. So the 45 min drive there and back gave me an awesome time to pray aloud to the Lord about so many things that had been on my heart.

That unexpected, unplanned time to myself that day, gave me the boost I needed to make it through the next day and night of Tim being away at a conference. I normally panick a little every time Tim has to be gone for any extended period. But I embraced the time alone at home as time to do some fun things with the kids and get some things done. I took the time to plan what I wanted out of the time. The kids were my main focus, so I determined to stay off the computer until they went to bed, and created a list of the things to do that either Titus could help me with, or were fun things to do together! We ended up having a really fun time together, and although I was exhausted by the end, I felt really good about everything that we did and I was pleased with myself and how I'd planned our time!

I'm continuing to learn that when I take time for myself to be alone and regroup, I am a better mom for it! I'm refreshed, and I usually have a better attitude and perspective!

I'm really excited that later today, I get to go away with my MIL and some ladies in my church to a retreat. I'm not only looking forward to the two day "break" and two nights of (hopefully!) uninterrupted sleep, but I'm looking forward to having the time to soak in the Word, time to think and pray and hear from the Lord. I need the spiritual refreshment! I'm praying that God will really work in my heart and that I'd come home a better mom, wife, and woman of God!

What does "alone time" mean to you? How do you make that happen? 
What's the most refreshing way for your to spend your alone time?
What do you do for "spiritual refreshment?"

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  1. I completely agree with you! I crave alone time and because my husband knows that I'm much better after some, he always facilitates this for me. Hope your time away this weekend will be refreshing and uplifting.


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