Monday, September 17, 2012

what's in a name

Last week I shared my very first post on this new blog and a bit of my heart as to what I'd like to accomplish with this new blog, as well as my new shop!

When I considered the name of a new shop and blog, I ideally wanted them to be the same, but that's not how it worked out. I thought long and hard for the perfect names, and eventually landed on "The Homemade Calling" for the blog and "Oak Street Studio" for the shop. Both mean so much to me and I'm pleased that I finally came up with something that fit me perfectly.

A little about me (for those of you who don't know me)...I am a wife to a sweet man, Tim, and mother to my two darling kiddos, Titus and Norah! I love being a SAHM and taking care of our family fulltime!

I love to create, whether sewing my kids clothes, designing a new pattern, cooking a new recipe or decorating in my home. Recently, I’ve had a developing desire to live more simply and naturally. I've been exploring ways to do this and save our family money by making more foods and other products from scratch. I love cooking, baking, gardening, sewing, crafting, writing, reading and spending time with my family. This lifestyle we’re developing makes me feel a lot more domesticated and old fashioned, and I love it- especially when I have cloth diapers drying outside and bread rising on the counter!

Our family has been called to serve the Lord in full-time ministry, and are currently serving in the church that Tim (my hubby) pastors. I have a heart for moms, and love working with our local MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group! And I've also started teaching the toddler class at church- I love it, plus my son is in there too!

So my life pretty much consists of my family, our ministry in the church, and my crafting! I believe the Lord has called me to minster primarily in my home for this season of my life, and so I'm making the most of the time I have at home to develop my domestic skills and create a safe haven for my family. This is my Homemade Calling! I'm excited to use this blog to share my latest sewing projects, recipes, shop updates, as well as what I'm learning and passionate about. And I’d also like to use this blog to give a voice to those that have none in this world- Orphans, and trafficked women and children! (I shared a bit of that earlier!)

Tomorrow, I'll share about the birth of Oak Street Studio and have a coupon code for everyone!

In the meantime, I now have a Facebook page for shop updates and the latest blog post that you can "like" if you're interested. I've also added the pink social media buttons on the top right to help you follow the blog in whatever way is easiest, or you can subscribe by email!

What would you say is your "calling"?


  1. Loved reading your Blog MaryBeth. I am realizing that as a SAHM I need to keep things in perspective. I need to set up my own goals, and plan my days better. It is such a privilege to be home with Eden. But so many days just drag on, and I get frustrated that I don't get enough around the house. I am easily overwhelmed with just taking care of Eden, let alone staying on top of a house. I so looking forward to nap times, and when Mark comes home :). You inspire me to make the most of every moment I have at home :). Everything in the house doesn't have to get done, but as long as I am investing in my family that truly is what is important.

    1. get enough done around the house*...I am sure it'll be even more crazy once the 2nd baby comes!

    2. Thank you for your encouragement! I certainly don't have it figured out! If you could have been a fly buzzing around while I was talking to the Lord today, you would've heard how I was pleading for help this area! :) I'm trying to balance all the things I have going on, and not spread myself too thin. And I really need the Lord's guidance in this area, and to be in tune to His Spirit's leading so that I know clearly what's a Yes and No in regards to time management! And reminding myself of what's the most important things every day is a huge help! Important things to do can change everyday, but being a mom is always in the top 3 most important! I certainly struggle with balance and perspective everyday, but by His Grace, I can say I'm growing. It may not always be at the pace I'd like, and I often have days that I'm frustrated with myself, but I'm thankful that I'm not mothering alone- I have a great God who is extremely patient and is with me every step of my day!


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