Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a homesick heart AND choosing to trust

The holidays are over, all our dear company has gone home, my hubby's back to work, the Christmas tree is down, the presents are put away...

With the departure of my in-laws this morning, the reality has set in that here we are "alone" in Ohio...

no family around to help out,
no visits to look forward to on the horizon,
the winter making it difficult to want to go out,
home all day in our new house, in our new city, in a new state...
feeling so far away from loved ones and familiarity...

I've had my share of tears as I've indulged in these depressing feelings...
But the Lord has been speaking truth into my heart, despite my self-pity and worry.

He's reminding me of how clearly He showed himself in this decision to move here.
How He assured our hearts this was from Him.
How He blessed us to overabundance in this process, and confirmed and re-confirmed His Will over and over again.
And how even though there were many fears and unknowns, He promised He would be faithful to meet every need.

I realize this is one of those times I have to trust Him
and set my mind on things that I know are true- not on what feels true.
So I choose to trust that God will meet the needs of my heart, just as He always has!

I noticed on my fridge the other day, this card that my in-laws sent the week we moved here.

It's been reassuring to read and remember that even if I feel alone at times, that I never truly am!

So today, as I snuggle my sad kiddos and work though my own homesick heart, I will choose to keep my mind on the Lord! And as we find our new normal after these holidays and determine how God wants to use and bless us here in this new place, I choose to trust Him and find my comfort in Him!

I'm thankful that I have a Rock to cling to and a Comforter to rest in!

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  1. Thank you for opening your heart. I have been have my own pity parties since the change in our ministry (we're still trying to find our place) and location (even though we are comfortable and settled in). I will be praying for you.


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