Thursday, January 31, 2013

naptime confessions

Here are few moments, confessions, funny/touching/cute happenings and things I've learned lately...

.... Titus naps a lot better when I wear him out beforehand! These past few warmer days, we've been running around our big yard, and out to the woods and back. It only takes 5 mins, and then he's out like a light! Today is frigid- so we did jumping jacks before bed! :) I'm learning it's a boy thing!!

... I heard Titus coming, so I stuffed the fruit snacks wrapper I'd been munching from in between the couch cushions.  hee hee! bad mommy! :)

...Having TWO toddlers, I now have hit the "letting myself go" phase of life! UGH! I hate that fact, but it's just impossible to pry them from my body in order to have even 5 mins in the bathroom! They have so many demands in the morning, that there's just no time to think about myself! I'm truly at the stage where I'm lucky to get to use the bathroom at all! Please tell me I'm not alone here! It's depressing, but I know it won't be for forever... at least I hope!

...both of my toddlers will sit at the picnic table together and play with playdoh independently for a half hour! I now see myself being able to steal those few moments for some productivity... or maybe just to get ready for the day! (see above) ;)

...Titus said today, "Norah my best sister! She's my friend!" This is what I've been waiting for! Their friendship is growing all the time, and I love that I can truly see it happening!

...Norah is starting to show love! She's finally playing with dolls and is starting to initiate hugs with her dolls and her brother! This is so encouraging to see!

...My 3 year old can memorize Scripture amazingly!  I realized last week "Why am I not having Titus memorize Bible verses?" I immediately taught him John 3:16, and the next day he was saying it like a pro! A week later, he walks around the house saying it, and tells it to everyone he sees! Why did I not do this sooner!? Never underestimate a toddler's ability to learn! Take advantage of it asap!

...I've been purposely making myself stop & watch the kids - soaking in every detail of the moment! Whether it's playing, or cuddling, or sitting still, I want to pause time and really see them in the moment- memorize their facial features and expressions, their smooth skin and sweet voices. To close my eyes, and breath in their smell! These are the things about this phase of life that I will one day miss! Trying not to miss the joys of this age, because of the stress and exhaustion that it is as well!


  1. So neat to hear your mommy moments. Since Brecken has been born I have been trying to freeze each moment in place so I can just take him all in so that I never forget this amazing stage or regret time I could have spent with him. The last few days I've been thinking about it again trying to remember when holding him as a little baby, before he was interactive. It's hard to remember him that way now that he is in a new stage of life. It makes me sad but at the same time I know I treasured those moments when they were here. I love knowing that. :)

    BTW, I have not showered today or gotten myself ready for the day...atleast my hair is clean from my shower yesterday, so that makes me feel a little better. LOVE that I dont' have to wash my hair everyday. ;)

  2. Was home alone in the bathroom this week during the day. The door was open and I thought of what life used to be like. :). Mom


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