Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a word about baby shampoo

I just had a comment from a reader who read about how our family is going shampoo-free and was wondering if Johnson's Baby Shampoo was safe?

I had recently heard some things against the company, but I couldn't remember specifics so I just did some quick research and here's what I've found!

We've probably all used Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo at some point or another on our kids! I've used lots of it, and have always viewed it as a safe shampoo- I mean, they used it in the hospital to clean up my babies right after birth! Well, no longer! I'll be throwing my bottle away after I get done writing this post!

I just read several articles that Johnson and Johnson Baby shampoo was found to have used two cancer-causing agents (1, 4-dioxane) and formaldehyde in their baby shampoos and other shampoos.

They pledged in August of 2012 to remove trace amounts of carcinogens and other potentially toxic chemicals from its toiletries and cosmetics by the year 2015. The company had previously pledged to remove such ingredients in baby products by the end of 2012.

What?! They won't have even removed them until 2015??
Well, I believe that I will be extremely careful in the future about purchasing anymore Johnson & Johnson products!

Here are a couple safe, more natural shampoo options for kids:
~Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap (this is what I'm currently using on my kids! Read about the benefits here.)
~Homemade Hair Clarifier and Rinse (what I use on my own hair, but safe for kids!)
~Plus there area  plethora of recipes on the Internet to make all kinds of different soaps + lots of homemade soaps, lotions, and shampoos sold online, (do a search on Etsy). Maybe even find a local seller, or a health store!

**NOTE: I'm not one to be vocal against specific products or companies, but in the interest of a reader who asked about a specific product, I'm am using this blog to share what I found in my research, especially since it coincided with this recent post about chemicals in commercial shampoos.

Here are some articles I found on this issue:


  1. I would also like to point out that J&J are very big into any "food sourced" ingredients are probably laden with pesticides and a bunch of other bad items. If it is ok with you, my one organics compay has baby products that are amazing! Certified toxin-free, "green", and ORGANIC! (sometimes, you can get an "organic" product that still is loaded with plenty of toxic materials!) here's my site for anyone interested: ESSANTEORGANICS.COM/LOVETOLIVE

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