Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homemade Foaming Antibacterial Handsoap

I've been wanting to make my own handsoap for some months now, but have yet to get around to it!
This past weekend, a friend sent this recipe my way, so it gave me a reason to finally try it! ;)

It was MUCH easier than other recipes I'd seen and had a mere three ingredients!
(I've decided my favorite homemade products have minimal ingredients because then there's more of a chance that I have everything needed!) :)

Remember when I shared all the things I loved about Castile Soap when I talked about going Shampoo free? Well, here's a recap! 
--I use Castile Soap on the kids exclusively now. The hubby and I also use this as a body wash, and can be used as a shampoo (especially on guys, since they have shorter hair!) And you only need to use a tiny amount!

--I love that it doesn't leave behind a residue or build-up on our skin (this has always bothered me about soap!) Castile Soap is made with pure and simple ingredients- castile soap and organic oils and essential oils!

--I also love that it's a Fair Trade Product, meaning that it wasn't made through the use of slave labor! 

--And I love that it lasts a LONG time and is more cost-effective than other soaps. (we've been using our 32oz bottle for over a month and I've made two bottles of hand soap, and only 1/4 of the bottle has been used up.)

-- It can also be used in household cleaners, dish soap, laundry soap, and more!

So while Titus was taking a bath, I whipped up a couple bottles of this handsoap! Seriously one of the quickest, easiest mixes! Both of my bathrooms had foaming soap dispensers that were almost empty! (Yay!!) Apparently you can find empty ones online if you don't have any laying around. I just emptied and washed mine out, mixed the ingredients together, and gave it a quick shake!  Simple as that!

Now I want to find a similar recipe for liquid dish soap because I know that Castile Soap can be used for dish soap (I think I could probably just use this recipe though!)

This recipe and photo was found from The Simple Moms
(They give some more info and tips on this post if you're interested.)

With a 3 year old and a 1 year old during cold/flu season, we are constantly washing our hands around here! In doing some reading I've learned that 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed and I want to make sure that only healthy products are going on our skin! Soap is probably what we use most on our skin on a daily basis! I love that I now know exactly what our skin is absorbing with this homemade hand soap. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean and smelling great! I also notice that my hands don't feel quite as dry as they do when I'm using commercial soaps all day, and I think these bottles will last a loooong time (don't foaming soaps seem to last longer?) making this soap even more cost-effective than it already is! 

There are many new people to DIY toiletries who've been asking about where to get all these ingredients/supplies from. If you already make these kinds of products, would you share below where you get your supplies/ingredients from so that we all can benefit? Thanks!


  1. thanks! Inspriation successful!

  2. This looks great! I hate spending lots of money on hand soap. Is the Castile soap good for children with excema? My 3 year old girl has the WORST skin and I've yet to find something that isn't super expensive that will work for her.


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