Friday, January 25, 2013

the battle of trying new things!

There is just something overwhelming or scary about trying new things.

I was just thinking about this this morning as I made some pizza dough for lunch.

I was thinking about how my pizza dough isn't whole wheat dough, and some would possibly judge for that, or how other moms cook more healthy than me. But I thought about how making homemade white pizza dough was my goal because I wanted to stop buying refrigerated doughs.  In that moment, I allowed myself to feel some victory for the progress I've made!

And I thought about how whipping up some pizza dough, or bread dough or yogurt, used to be a totally overwhelming thought, even scary. I sincerely wanted to add these homemade staples into our diets, but they seemed to be too time-consuming, or tricky, or difficult. So I kept myself from pushing through and trying something new, and then doing it again and again.
But when I finally overcame this, I found it wasn't as difficult or time-consuming as I thought...

So this morning, as I'm stirring together my pizza dough, like it's old-hat, hardly looking at the recipe, I realized my triumph, and I started to consider a few things about trying new things.

Sometimes we give up on something too soon, even if we've tried it once! Of course something takes longer the first time we try it! And maybe even the 2nd or 3rd time. But the more we do something, the faster we get at it and the less intimidating it seems! 
And if we keep at it, it's easy to plan it into our busy schedules and assign it a realistic amount of time! 
And before you know it, it becomes a habit and is a part of your life, and you've conquered the fear of trying that new thing! 

So now that I have this realization, I'm going to rejoice in the no-longer-new things I've tried and made apart of our lives!
But there are still a list of things I want to try, and I know I'm avoiding because I'm intimidated. So I want to evaluate what those things are and push aside my excuses or fears, and conquer another goal!

What are some things you've been too intimidated to try (both past and present)?


  1. You have encouraged me to try new things!! I just started trying the backing soda shampoo and ACV cleanser. I'm doing research and we are looking at changing our whole eating life style and changing to the paleo eating life style. I'm nervous and intimidated to start it though. hoping to start in the next couple of weeks.

  2. I think it is wonderful you are trying to make homemade things...I grew up with a very "homemade" mom and that has greatly shaped how I think, cook, and shop! (And I don't make whole wheat pizza dough either; it just isn't ever as good) You are doing a great job being wife and mommy....don't get discouraged....and if you need any help or encouragement, hit up my facebook...:-)


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