Friday, February 1, 2013

tutorial : valentine's day garland

Happy February!!!

February is my birthday month!
And many other wonderful things happen this month, including lots of other family birthdays and Valentines day!

Here is a fun Valentines decoration I made last year that I posted on my old blog.
I pulled this baby out of a box while I was unpacking my craft room a couple weeks, and knew that I had to share it again!

This Valentine's Felt Garland would be really fun to make with your kids (that is, if your kids are old enough to use scissors!) with many ways to decorate!

Here are some decor ideas that I wish I could do with my garland:

~ drape it on a mantle
~ wrap it around a small Christmas tree to make a "valentines tree"

Ultra Easy Instructions:
*Cut hearts and other various shapes out of red,pink,white, etc Felt
 you can have your kids help with this.
(this is what takes the most time)
*Sew all your shapes together by feeding them one by one, back to back under the presser foot of your machine.

Now you have a fun, easy Valentine's Decoration that is so versatile, you can use it every year in a different way!

Let me know you decorate with yours!!!

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  1. Cute! I like how sewing them together makes it so much less time consuming than poking holes and stringing them. We just may have to try this if James is interested... :)


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