Monday, October 22, 2012

day 22 :: moses and the exodus

This is Day 22 in a 31 day series on Teaching Toddlers Theology. To catch up on where we've been, or view our menu of posts, go to this intro post

Kids love to learn stories about babies which is why the story of Baby Moses is so well-loved by kids. It shows a family love for one another and trust in God that He will take care of them and protect them no matter what! There's something so touching about Moses being hidden by his mother, then put in a basket in the Nile, and watched by his sister! Their love and care for each other is apparent. But they also have something stronger than love: their faith in God! And God saves Moses by allowing the Pharoah's daughter to find him and raise him as her son. But God is still faithful to this loving Israelite family- he allows Moses' mother to be the one to take care of him!

God rescued Moses for a very special purpose! He wanted Moses to lead his people out of Egypt where they were enslaved and harshly treated! After several years of preparing Moses for this task, he brings Moses back to Egypt to show the power of God in the form of the plagues!

This story is an amazing opportunity to teach your kids about God's power! Besides Christ's death, the Exodus is the most used example and reminder in the Bible of God's power on display, because it was the beginning of their nationhood, really. This was the epitome of the miraculous works of God in the Old Testament! If you want to increase your child's view of God, teach them about God's power during the 10 plagues and the Exodus! It's so exciting for kids to imagine what is would be like to have frogs or bugs everywhere, to be in total darkness, or have water turn to blood! You can make it as visual or interactive as you want! :)

And it's so a great time to talk about the importance of blood! We know Christ's blood is what washes us of our sin! But at the Exodus, before the final plague, God commanded the Israelites to paint on their doorframes the blood of a perfect lamb. When the angel of death came to kill the firstborn, it would passover if the blood was present on the door. What an amazing foreshadowing of Christ! Because of Christ's blood applied to our life, we escape God's wrath because he sees our hearts clean of sin! Amen! God provided a way for his people to be saved from this plague, and he's provided a way for us to be saved from judgement too! Praise Him!

We can't miss this awesome story of God's power, but also of the picture He gives of his provision in the future through Christ as the Passover Lamb!

What we learn about God:
He has a purpose for our lives
He takes care of us and protects us
He is powerful!
He is the Only God!
He provides a way for us to escape judgement through Christ's blood!

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