Thursday, October 11, 2012

teaching toddlers theology :: day 11 interactive play

 This is Day 11 in a 31 day series on Teaching Toddlers Theology. To catch up on where we've been, or view our menu of posts, go to this intro post

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A really great way to "impress on our children" God's teachings is to interact with your kids through their play and other activities! I love to have spiritual conversations, ask questions and guide the activity to get Titus to think on a more spiritual level, using an activity that he already enjoys and is engrossedin. Joining them in whatever activity they're doing is not only a great way to spend quality time together, but it gives you an opportunity to "purposefully parent"! It doesn't always have to be a formal or routine time of Bible reading and prayer. Here are some ideas that I've done...

Coloring- draw bible story scenes together and talk about the stories,
Playdough- make a popular item from a bible story (like the cross and tomb, moses' basket, fruit or snake from the Garden, ark/animals from Noah and the flood, etc)
Take a walk- talk about all the things that God made in the world, what you are seeing in nature, and the creation account

What other ways do you interact with your young child through play about spiritual things?

Tomorrow my sweet husband, Tim, will be guest posting on "what about dads?" when it comes to this topic of Teaching Toddlers Theology- a three part series!! Sooooo excited for this!!

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  1. What a neat series, Mary Beth! I think it's so true that we can purposefully parent by joining our little ones in what they are doing instead of trying to create learning opportunities all the time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! What a creative series :)


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