Monday, October 15, 2012

day 15 :: our kids need the church

This is Day 15 in a 31 day series on Teaching Toddlers Theology. To catch up on where we've been, or view our menu of posts, go to this intro post

I hope you enjoyed the guest posts that my husband shared the past three days from a dad’s perspective. If you missed them, go to this post to catch up! It was so exciting for me to have him participate with me on this 31 day blogging adventure! He’s been there to bounce all my ideas off of, and his been a huge support as I have jumped into this headfirst! Any wife knows how much easier it is to accomplish something big, when she has the support and love of her man as she does it! Besides, we are “teaching toddlers theology” together since we are teammates on this journey of parenthood! I’m so thankful for him, and I hope you were blessed by his wisdom.

So yesterday, he talked about why church is so important to implement into our family’s lives, as well as the importance of it for our spiritual growth! I’d like to continue that thought of church and share some things from a different point of view.

As a parent of a toddler, I realize how much I need help to raise my kids… books, others’ advice, family support, my husband, and most of all, the Lord. But also, the Church, the body of believers. I don’t want to be the only one investing in my kids’ lives. I want them to be influenced by many other godly people! Kindof like the saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” so the Church is to us in helping come alongside and instilling the same spiritual values that we, as parents, are as well!

We all know that kids have a way of listening to others opinions before they listen to their parents, and we need to surround our kids with other people who think the same way as we do, when it comes to things of the Lord, the Word and spiritual matters, so that what they are hearing, especially in the early years of life are consistent with what we, their parents, believe. Choose a church that lines up with what you believe on all the major Biblical issues so that the messages our children hear are the same that they hear from us! Not only are they hearing a consistent message, but they see other adults (and people of all ages, really) believe the same as they are being taught at home, and realize that their weird parents aren’t the only ones who believe this way! :)

For many single parents out there, church is an especially great opportunity for other godly adults to invest in your kids, but also to be a support to you!

The bottom line is that we NEED each other, as believers! The Church is a gift from God to glorify Him, share Christ with the world, but also to take care of each other and we need to allow the Church to be that extra influence in our kid’s lives and assisting us in the task of raising our little ones to love and serve the Lord!

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