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teaching toddlers theology :: day 9 singing scripture

This is Day 9 in a 31 day series on Teaching Toddlers Theology. To catch up on where we've been, or view our menu of posts, go to this intro post

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A fun way of teaching our kids about God and His Word is through music! Singing and playing music can be a very natural part of your day, and kids get sucked right into it the joy and fun of it! Music is such a great way to teach concepts, as well, because the tune and the lyrics sticks in our brains so easily! This is why teaching kids Scripture and about God through song is such an amazing idea! When I was little, my mom made up little tunes to Bible verse to help us memorize them- and every single one of those verses have stayed in my memory to this day! I've tried to continue that with Titus! I know that not everyone may be able to make up their own songs, but if you can, utilize that creativity to teach your kids the Bible in a very fun way! If you don't think you can make up your own tunes to Scripture, first give it a try- combine a verse and tune you already know! If you just can't, don't lose heart, there are many musical helps out there! And I know that not every family is big "singers" in the home, so I'm going to share some other resources to help us all teach Scripture in a fun and memorable (literally!) way!

There is so much music out there for kids that puts Scripture to song! Some of what I'm going to list are ones that we listen to and love, and others we have only heard of so we can't give much of an opinion, but they would be worth checking out! Feel free to share any that I may not have listed!

The Rizers
The mission of the Rizers is to instill in kids a love for Jesus Christ and his Word through scripture memorization and worship. In the words of the band themselves,
"We are the Rizers, we’re gonna rize up and praise God!
We are memoRizers, we’re gonna hide God’s Word in our hearts!"
 Find The Rizers- Youtube    Facebook    Music Store

Seeds Family Worship
We've taken inspiration from God's perfect plan for seeds dispersal and designed packaging intended to facilitate the spreading of Seeds. Each package of Seeds albums includes two identical full-length CDs.
So simply tear the CD cover in half and share a complete packaged album with a friend nearby or far away. You get to take part in spreading Seeds--helping take God's Word to as many homes as possible.
Both parents and kids will love the music. The lyrics are God's own Word. It's the perfect way to sing, dance, and make a joyful noise unto the Lord, while planting His Word forever in your heart and mind. It's a Scripture-memory tool -- It's a CD full of fabulous music. It's both! Seeds combines songs that use Scripture for lyrics with strongly produced music that is varied in style to create a sound the whole family will love.
Find Seeds: Youtube   Facebook   Music Store

Hide 'em in Your Heart- Steve Green
Hide Em In Your Heart features Christian recording artist Steve Green and teaches kids the importance of memorizing God's Word through fun songs and live action stories
Youtube      Buy here

How do you incorporate singing and music into your everyday parenting?
Do you have any more suggestions for Scripturally-based music or using music as a means of teaching our kids spiritual things?


  1. We were inspired to memorize scripture with our girls (10,6,4) after reading a book called "The Well-Versed Family." We have put dozens of verses and sometimes short passages to music. My 4 year old's favorite is Luke 1:46-48 which we sing to the tune of The First Noel. I especially like putting the verses to favorite hymn tunes because the church we attend uses alot of praise and worship songs (which we love) but the kids are not exposed to the old familiar hymns that my husband and I grew up knowing. This way they are learning a Bible verse and famous tunes. We also Love, Love, Love SEEDs Family Worship music! I looked forward to checking into the RIZERS! :) Thank you! Kim P.

  2. Steve Green is such a class act - my kids have listened to that for years! Love your suggestions. We just started teaching the What's In The Bible curriculum by Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer in Sunday School. Really good stuff.

    Love your site!

  3. We have both Steve Green cd's and the girls love them! I need to look into these other ideas too.

  4. Hi! I'm visiting for the first time from the 31 Days link up. :) I often make up super simple songs to scripture with my kids and they love them! They don't care that they're not professional or that the tune is uninspired or the rhythm is awkward, they just like it because mommy created it. :) They also love it when I make up little actions to go with the song or if we do an activity based on the scripture. I've made little coloring sheets with scriptures using clipart I find on the internet and have them up on the wall in their bedroom & then we often sing the songs before bed.

  5. I really want to get some Seeds cds. Right now our memory verses are from Songs for Saplings. Very simple, based on the ABC's, and fit great into a letter of the week curriculum. Super easy to remember - my husband and I both catch ourselves randomly singing the verses throughout the day. I love that putting scripture to music not only helps the kids learn verses, but the grownups, too! My almost 3 year old hasn't really memorized any yet, but he is being exposed to it, and I know one day it will stick! http://www.amazon.com/Songs-for-Saplings/dp/B0014B4NP2


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