Monday, October 29, 2012

our big life change!

On Nov 16, our family will be moving from MI, to Canton Ohio! 

October has been a crazy month for us! We went on a big trip to PA to my sister's wedding and to spend time with family! Then on the way home spent a weekend candidating at a church in Ohio. (And of course I've been blogging everyday for the 31 day series all along! :) ) We've been spending the past few months of our lives in a state of waiting on the Lord! It's been a time of trusting Him and of growth, but it hasn't always been easy! Last week, this church in Ohio unanimously voted to have Tim come as their senior pastor, and we made the decision to move our family to this new place of ministry! We feel such a peace in our hearts that this has been directly from the Lord and he has blessed every step of the way!

The hardest part of this whole thing is uprooted our little family from all our comforts and familiarity, and from the people we love! We've lived in the same house our whole married life and have brought two babies into the world here! All our memories are here, and our hearts ache at the thought of pulling up all the roots we've made in the past 5 1/2 years!

But we are very excited about this new chapter in our lives and we look forward to seeing how God will use us! We already love our new church family and are thankful for the blessing they've already been to us! We will be moving into a large 19th century farm house that is owned by the church. Did I mention it's large? Like, the rooms will look pretty empty with the furniture we have! haha But one of the best parts is that there is a nice sized room with countertops and cabinets upstairs that is an obvious craft room (and future home-schooling room maybe?)! I'm so excited to set it up and get my shop up and running in my new location!

Since we'll be very busy over the next couple weeks packing and moving and setting up our new home, the shop will be closed for probably a couple months! I know some of you were planning to do some of your Christmas shopping with me, so I'm very sorry for that! :/

However I do have a LOT of inventory that I NEED to get rid of! I'm selling them extremely cheaply! All of this stock is leftover from a craft show when I was doing The Blue Ladybug Children's Boutique. These would make great Christmas gifts if you have any little people on your list!
* tie shirts (onesies and tees) in pretty much every size and several different fabric options for $5 each. (66% off)
*pacifier clips for both boys and girls- 1.50/each
*bibs & burp cloths for girls- $3/each (55% off)

Update: here's what's currently available!
 I also have GOBS of blank tshirts and onesies in every size that I'm selling for 1.50/each- these would be great for crafting OR if your family simply needs some blank onesies or tshirts!
*white onesies (gerber) 0-3mo & 18mo short and long sleeves- 1.50/each
*white rabbit skins toddler tees (long sleeved)- all sizes-1.50/each
*white men's tshirt (gildan) S-XL 1.50/each
*dark brown youth tshirts (XS & S) 1.50/each
*Brown onesies & toddler tees (Rabbit skins) NB-7 1.50/each
*Black onesies & toddler tees (rabbit skins) NB-7 1.50/each

If you are interested in any of this please message me on FB or email me for more details: and I will send you more information/pictures/etc!


  1. So thrilled for you guys! Hope the packing goes smoothly and you can feel settled into new life and ministry very quickly.

  2. Praying for you as you move on in life.


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