Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a mama's birthday...

Here I am, sitting on my couch, in my pjs still at 10:30am and I haven't had a shower yet...
Today is my 27th birthday...

(Last year, I shared on my old blog about having birthday blues as a mom, when our birthdays become overshadowed by everything else in life)

I think the birthday blues are ever-present as a mom of young kids!

This is my first birthday after our big move, and it's brought on homesickness for all the friends and family we left it MI! It's easy to have a little pity party thinking about the fact that I'll be home most of the day alone with my two little kids, as if it's any other day...

Cleaning up messes, breaking up fights, disciplining misbehavior, wiping dirty bottoms, lots of noise, making peanut butter sandwiches... this is what my birthday has consisted of so far!

As I look around at my life today and realize the blessings that my 27 years of life have brought me, my birthday has become a day to celebrate the good things in my life and be thankful, and not to do whatever I want (like sleep in hehe) and be selfish on my day! :)

I have two sweet kids, who are a lot of work right now, but a few birthdays spent serving them, is nothing compared to the blessing that they are and the importance they are eternally!

My husband is such an example of selfless, Christ-like love and humbles me with his constant service and others-centeredness attitude! He knows my birthday means alot to me and does what he can to make it special. It may not be like how my mom would do it, but I've learned to change my expectations and appreciate all the good things that do happen!

As a mom, it's the little things that I've come to appreciate....
Last night, it was sitting in the corner of a dimly-lit restaurant with my husband alone, enjoying a quiet dinner without having to inhale my food or stop to feed kids or cut up food! It was NICE!
On Saturday, my husband lined up babysitting in the morning so we could sit at Starbucks and drink some coffee together!

This birthday, more than any other, I've realized I want different things than ever before.
Time alone with my hubby!
Eat at a restaurant we would never take our kids to...
Get to actually eat my meal uninterrupted...
Enjoy some peace and quiet...
Walk around a store alone or with just my husband...

It's the little things now that matter most!

Here are a few other birthday blessings-

I got this book for my birthday and have already finished reading it! Inspired You has truly inspired me and because of it, I completely repainted my kitchen (with more to come!) :) I'll have to do an official review soon, because think most if not all of you would LOVE this book!

I love the new colors in my kitchen and the fact that some fresh paint in the house, truly makes the space to start to feel like my own! I love that the neutral colors will make brighter colors I'll decorate with just pop.

I can't wait to eat this yummy cake that my hubby made for me! It's a dark chocolate cake with a hint of coffee flavor!! Mmmmm

And although I'm a little more homesick this birthday, and am really longing for a girl's night with two very special friends, I'm thankful for this day to reflect on God's blessings in my life, and to enjoy all the good things that God sends to bless me this day! God reminded me this morning that this isn't my day, it's His day that he's given me to live for him, not myself!

I'm also thankful for so many birthday greetings, texts, calls, cards, etc!
 It's a huge reminder of all of the people in my life Ive been blessed to know and many who are praying for me today! Thanks for the encouragement that so many of you have been to me today!

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  1. I remember getting up EARLY to go shopping at a super store that had everything in it. I found some great clearance clothes. It was my birthday and I left the house with 4 little ones and their daddy asleep so I could have some birthday "me" time. I was energized when I returned and it is a wonderful memory after all theses years! Happy Bithday my daughter of 27 years!


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