Thursday, February 28, 2013

little joys

staring at little feet and chunky thighs quickly turning from baby to little girl...

holding on to morning and evening bottle feedings simply so I can enjoy the cuddles and stare into those blue eyes a few days longer...

sharing a sweet look between my son... that boy melts my heart like no other person!

hearing sweet voices play, and sing, and talk, and laugh, and say "mommy"...

waiting in anticipation and then catching the next funny or interesting thing that boy will come up with...

making the decision to apply a bandaid for the 4th time in the same spot

pushing fine baby hair out of eyes...

stroking the softest baby skin that will too soon not be

being constantly surprised by the next new thing learned

snuggling while reading

holding that long boy close and knowing the days are growing short where he'll still fit on my lap

the boy's hugs and kisses and i love yous are cherished, each one. For one day he won't be so free with them.

not feeling guilty about procrastinating on dishes and laundry, because playing on the floor is always more important

choosing to find them adorable and the moment precious during an early morning wakeup call

watching them sleep- still, soft and warm

crazy dance moves those two can break out with

heart swelling at their good behavior in public

little prayers

precious voice reciting Scripture

the love between them growing

two pairs of big blue eyes, both the most perfect shades

squeals of delight, times two

wiping tears, and comforting hearts

confidence in knowing my job is the best in the world

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