Thursday, February 7, 2013

chalkboard kitchen wall

Thanks for all the birthday wishes this week! I had a wonderful birthday, made special by my amazingly sweet husband and my two precious children! I really am so blessed! God is good!

Over the weekend, we painted our kitchen! :) I'm so in love with the new colors! I feel such a freshness when I walk in the kitchen and was such a pick-me-up on my birthday! It feels like me- like US- and I'm excited about this blank canvas of neutral gray walls to bring lots of color to!
Here's the before and after.



I also wanted a very dark gray for the back splash behind the stove and sink. Instead of spending more money on paint that I only needed very little of, I decided to use what I had on hand- chalkboard paint!

I was finally able to cure it today and was very pleased with how it turned out and looks with the rest of the kitchen! We'll be tackling the cabinets next!

Here some highlights from my little birthday party, that show off the kitchen color too!

Crazy kids, yummy goodies!

It's not a birthday party without hats, according to Titus!
Love my kids!!!

Enjoying my new birthday present... especially since I currently have dishes to do and floors to sweep! :P

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  1. Such a creative kitchen that you have started on. More creative ideas to come, I'm sure!
    Love you, Mom


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