Friday, February 22, 2013

diy $5 table runner

Today I'm sharing a simple tutorial on The Copper Coconut for a table runner that you can make for about $5! I'm so excited about the opportunity to guest post on Katie's blog! She is a very talented, creative lady who is a young mom and interior designer, and blogs about lots of great tutorials and has an Etsy shop offering custom graphic design and stained glass!

So many of you know how we recently made a big move from MI to OH
We now live in a big farm house turned church parsonage circa. 1873 on 5 acres of land. 
We’re excited for a big garden this summer and being outdoors letting the kids run free. 
But inside, there’s lot of stuff we need to do. Large rooms and large windows and high ceilings mean any change costs a little more. And we are usually pretty limited with funds, so we do little things here and there as we can. You know how it goes! We slowly keep moving down our list of home projects, although we are still near the top- a couple rooms have been painted, some curtains have been sewn up and hung, and decorating is beginning to happen.

I decided that when we moved, I wanted to take a different route with setting up and decorating our house. I wanted to be as frugal and homemade as possible- not just to save money, but mainly to create a home that reflects more of who we are as a family. We wanted a house with character and creativity. And if we put a little extra effort into everything that we add to our house, we will find more satisfaction with it and enjoy our home more!

Now head over to The Copper Coconut to learn how you can make this table runner for about $5!

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