Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Roundup!

Happy Valentines Day! I hope that today you are celebrating the special people in your life and are thankful for the privilege it is to love them!

For today I wanted to do a round up of sorts of some Valentine inspired fun around our house!

Top Row- Heart Shaped Peanut Butter Sandwich, Red and Purple Goldfish Crackers, Heart Shaped Apple pieces,
Bottom Row- Heart Shaped Pretzels :), Salsa for dipping, and heart shaped string cheese pieces

This is a throwback to when I used to do these muffin tin lunches all the time with Titus!
We still do this occasionally, and this week I couldn't resist throwing together a Valentine-themed muffin tin lunch (however NOT on Monday haha). These are really fun to get creative with, and kids love them!

Norah has just started wearing hair clippies! I finally needed something more than the hairbands she always wears to keep her long bangs out of her face, so I went to my dear friend (and former business partner) Laura, from The Blue Ladybug! She made me a lovely set of Valentine's clippies, a Tiny Pink Boutique Bow (Seriously adorable!) and another set of pastel clippies. I'm thrilled that Norah is keeping them in (for the most part!) and I love having another option for her hair now that she has more of it! And I love all her new hair clippies- they are all sooo cute! So head over to Laura's newly re-opened shop The Blue Ladybug and check out some of her craftiness! She's super talented and is my go-to person for all things crafty. I don't think she has any hair things listed in her shop right now, but she's been making quality hair bows, headbands, clips, etc for years and loves to do it! She might create you a custom order if you asked her nicely :)

Fabric Heart Cards Tutorial
We had fun mailing these to some very missed friends and cousins, and handing them to some new friends we've made! God is good! :)

Valentine's Garland Tutorial
I decided I needed to make several more of these to hang around my new gray kitchen!  Of course I never got around to it, so maybe next year! I do love the one I have though! Did you make one?

Here are some pictures of the kids I took last Valentines Day when Norah was only about 6 weeks old! I have the most precious pictures of them from this time! Of course I couldn't resist getting a new one this year, although it was a little more difficult! Maybe I'll make it a tradition, although they'll probably get tired (or grossed out) of the ones where they're staring into each other's eyes! :)

I love having two kids! Yes, it is a ton of exhausting work! But there are those moments when I look over, and they're playing so nicely together, or they're loving each other, or Titus is so tenderly talking to Norah. And I know it's totally worth it! These are the greatest kids ever! I'm so blessed! And this Valentines day I'm enjoying focusing on how blessed I am to have these two (and their amazing daddy) in my life to love and take care of!

What love are you celebrating today?

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